To become a world class library dedicated to the provision of relevant and credible information in support of teaching, learning and research for national and international development.


The mission of the HTU Library as a partner in the University’s mission stated above is,

  • To develop collections that will help facilitate teaching and learning activities of the university.
  • To provide environment conducive enough for learning, creativity and intellectual growth.
  • To provide students, faculty and non-teaching staff easy access to information resources.
  • To assist users to use information resources effectively for the best results.
  • To provide users with the necessary skills to critically evaluate and ethically use information for decision making.
  • To ensure the effective usage of information by students and faculty of the university.
  • To assist users in discovering the current trends in searching for information resources online.
  • The library’s values stem from its commitment to deliver relevant information resources to support teaching, learning and research. To fulfil its vision, the library staff will:
  • Acquire and maintain adequate information resources.
  • Provide user education for its clients.
  • Be more user-focused.
  • Be innovative.
  • Be flexible.
  • Adopt professional and dynamic posture in service delivering.
  • Develop innovative approaches to support critical thinking life-long learning.
  • The HTU library delivers its services in a top-notch manner to ensure the satisfaction of all users.
  • We are user-oriented.
  • Excellent delivery of information services.
  • Considerate and mindful of all user needs.
  • Information must be made accessible to all.

We aim at providing high quality service to all users and ensure all their information needs are met. All staff of HTU library are dedicated to providing the necessary assistance to our users.

Physically, the Nunya library is made up of two structure: old and new. The old structure had been the main library until recently when the new structure, which is the story building attached to the old building became operational. However, it is made up of departments, sections/units.

With much pleasure, I welcome you to the Nunya Library. As a reminder, the library plays a very vital role in supporting faculty and students’ research and the intellectual pursuits of our alumni and the University community as a whole. The library serves as a gateway to our rich information resources, facilities and services. It provides scholarly information resources, learning space and facilities as well as information services to support the mission of the university.

The vision of the Nunya library is aligned to the corporate strategic direction of the University. The library is therefore harnessing resources, facilities and services that are geared towards the achievement of academic excellence and research goals of the University. The library’s website also provides another source of electronic information such as E-journals, online databases, E-books, institutional repository, research tools / guides etc. to faculty, students and staff.

The library also partners with other international and local libraries to deliver your information needs through interlibrary loans and other book protocols. We aim to provide you with the best possible services and I look forward to your visit. Please, feel free to contact me with your concerns, suggestions and ideas which will help in improving our services. 

Thank you.


George Tesilimi Banji (Ph.D)