The Ho Technical University (HTU) library was established in 1967 as Ho technical Institute library. It became Ho Polytechnic library, in 1993 when the institution was upgraded to a polytechnic status. Currently, it is officially referred to as the Nunya library. It is without doubt the largest library in the Volta Region with a sitting capacity of about 400 persons at a time and nineteen thousand six hundred and thirty three (19633) assorted titles of books embodying various text for the core programmes run by the HTU.

The Library also provides access to electronic resources to assist faculty, students, and other users of the library. The Library is a member of the Consortium of Academic and Research libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH) and has access to several electronic journals and databases through CARLIGH.

The University Library has been an essential partner in teaching, learning, research, and scholarly communication. The University Library will continue to work with other sister libraries and will be an innovative leader for the University community in providing resources conveniently to users in real-time. These services will be provided by a team of professional and user-focused staff.  

As the University evolves to establish a strong position locally and internationally, the library will strive to play a major role in the creation of a world-class technical university.


George Tesilimi Banji (Ph.D)